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if i was in wwii, they'd call me spitfire
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20th-Jul-2010 10:06 pm(no subject)
[Art] Birds can write too.

All my fanfiction will now be posted at my fandom journal smackbitch.
[boots] were made for walking
My writing is getting more and more casual, but I think I'm okay with it.

title: show you fear in a handful of dust
pairing: pre-series Sam/Dean
rating: R
word count: 370

In the run-down house they end up staying in, all creaky floorboards and bats fluttering in the corners, they're the only people for miles.Collapse )
[boots] were made for walking
I’m way too out of practice writing... I need to write more! This was freewriting that I fleshed out and edited as I typed it up. Sorry if it's confusing (and that there are so many run-on sentences).

Also, I read too much Palahniuk.

Title: lead me not into temptation.
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Castiel/Dean
Rating: Low NC-17.
Word count: 532
Notes: Spoilers for The Rapture.

In retrospect, Castiel should have known. Jimmy was a good man, a moral man, a religious man–but in the end, Jimmy was just a man.Collapse )
[boots] were made for walking
Whoa, I wrote something?! :O Set during #50, since that’s the farthest I’ve read, so sorry if this doesn’t make sense in light of the later books or anything.

...And sorry if Jake’s acting too much like Tobias. XD; I fail at writing Jake!

Title: the dead land
Fandom: Animorphs
Pairing: Jake/Cassie, but mostly Jake-centric.
Rating: PG
Notes: For the Jake prompt over at animorphsfanfic. Spoilers up to #50.
Word count: 1212

Without me as a leader, maybe we’d be the same kids we were when this started.Collapse )
[boots] were made for walking
...I feel really bad. I haven't posted here in almost a year, and all I'm posting today is a really quick Please Save My Earth ficlet. This is pretty much just me getting used to writing the PSME characters... I really want to write more fic for this fandom. It's such an amazing manga. ♥

I'm working on Death Note fic, too, though! Really. >>

Title: Another Love I Would Abuse
Fandom: Please Save My Earth
Pairing: Rin/Alice, Shion/Mokuren
Rating: ...I think I have to call it R because there's this really quick mention of rape, but the rating system is lies and it's really more like PG.
Warnings: AU. Slight spoilers for volume 11/12. And I've only read to volume 13, and I'm borrowing PSME from a friend so I don't even have it with me right now. D: Practically unedited.

Alice wakes up in the middle of the night, shivering, windowshades tapping against the frame of the open window with a sudden burst of wind.Collapse )
18th-Aug-2006 03:03 pm - "Carbon Monoxide," L/Light (NC-17)
[boots] were made for walking
This was going to be for the dn_yaoi fanfiction contest, but then I realized that the minumum word count for that was 500, and this is only 430. ^^; So now it's just a ficlet.

...I changed the fic around some and now the title doesn't work at all as well as I would've liked, but eh.

Title: Carbon Monoxide
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: L/Light
Rating: NC-17
Notes: PWP. No spoilers. Set during moderately early chapters... no handcuffs, I mean.
Word count: 430

“I am Kira,” L says, smoothly and evenly (in almost the same tone of voice with which he confessed to being L), looking over his shoulder at Light with wide, filmy eyes.Collapse )
17th-Aug-2006 03:42 pm - "Together," L/Light (PG-13)
[boots] were made for walking
...This is one of those fics that could keep on being edited forever, and as long as it's sitting there on my computer I probably won't be able to resist working on it. And I really need to be working on school right now. So, here, have a fic!

Sorry if any of the transitions seem kind of jerky or nonexistent; I deleted about 1700 scenes from this. I've got more than enough for a sequel, probably. >>

As always, feel free to tell me if anything doesn't work or is confusing. ♥

Title: Together
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: L/Light
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Yotsuba arc.
Notes: Doesn’t quite fit into canon – I took a bunch of liberties and stretched everything out. Except that's really just a way of saying I didn't have the manga with me when I was first writing this.
Warnings: Slight fluff, slight angst, L and Light talking about the investigation, very little interaction with other characters.
Word Count: Around 2070.

It started while Light was locked up, at the end of his first week of captivity.Collapse )
22nd-Jun-2006 01:32 pm - Ficlet: "Avian," Death Note
[boots] were made for walking
Title: Avian
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: Gen
Rating: PG
Warnings: Chapter 58 spoilers
Word Count: 150

It’s deathly quiet when the hawk strikes.Collapse )
25th-May-2006 11:23 am - Ficlet: "Perfect Reflection," L/Light
[boots] were made for walking
I got out early for lunch today! ^^ So here's that strange little DN ficlet from ages and ages ago.

But first a few musings on Light and sex, because I can.Collapse )

Also, I never learned about where to put periods with parentheses, so, er, if I've done that wrong – which I probably have – please tell me, mmkay?

And eyes can too smile.

Title: Perfect Reflection
Fandom: Death Note
Pairing: L/Light
Rating: R-ish for being very non-descriptive and weird, probably.
Warnings: Confusing in part because I wrote it at like 5 AM. I apologize in advance for the mourning doves; Light really wanted to think in symbols. I took most of them out, but the doves stayed because I ♥ mourning doves. I may take them out later anyway.

Bright blue skies flecked with clouds, and L's intense gaze never leaves him; he licks his lips as they walk.Collapse )
27th-Apr-2006 02:39 pm - Death Note ficlets.
[boots] were made for walking
Here are some quick Death Note ficlets. I'm still sick, so I'm sorry if there are any errors or anything in these. I've only read 5 volumes.

Also, I left in the honorifics since they are in Japan, and whatever I have of an L-muse dies if I don't let him say "Yagami-kun." ^^;;; If this annoys anyone hugely, I can take them out.

Asidian, I am still working on more for you, since these didn't work. I promise I'll get it right someday... (they won't interact the way I want. It's really annoying. None of these got close.)

EDIT: Deleted the crap fics. Sorry for having them there so long.

Title: Gentle Indifference
Pairing: L/Light
Rating: PG
For: asidian. Er, it didn't really work at all, so yeah. Sorry. ^^;;;

Click.Collapse )

Title: That Govern Men's Hearts
Pairing: L/Light
Rating: PG
Word Count: 200
Notes: This is just me playing with L's point of view, since I don't understand him. Quiet about the title, I know that's really corny and all.

L is sitting on Light Yagami's bed.Collapse )
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